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About jackbogert

Jack and Jesssica have been drawing, coding, doing crafts as long as either of us can remember, We decided to start sharing our artwork with the online world.

Absent for a moment.

Time once again…

  • It’s time to design…
  • It’s time to dive into dreams…
  • It’s time to sketch again…

I have been stuck doing a lot of work outside my hobby of drawing and designing stuff, my free time has loosened up again so I’m back to contribute more artwork!

Thanks to anyone tracking the progress in my journey into gaining greater artistic skill.

Final draft

This represents how humans and nature are one and the same both vulnerable to greater catastrophic events.

I have come to a conclusion as to what I want my larger painting to look like.

This is the final rough draft, As I make the bigger image I will prob add or remove stuff as well.

By Jack