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Art made directly on the computer.

Working in GIMP

Aiming to make some interesting stuff in GIMP

I have used Photoshop, Inkscape, Blender a fair amount and I wanted to get into the details of using GIMP. I set off experimenting with all the filters and some random ideas.

The result

100% GIMP filters and tools

Inspired by the LENIA the cellular automata

Sphere of blood

Intended to be a spooky looking clay ball creature

Experiment with gradients

Aimed to make something that looks like a rorschach test

Vector elephants

Converting another sketch

Elephants are super interesting animals, Even being the largest land mammal they can still peel the shell off a peanut with their trunk. It’s no wonder they are one of the most famous animals around. I felt inspired to sketch up a image of a elephant and converted it into a vector graphic.

The result

Pencil paper sketch

Vector version

Converting Jessica’s sketch

Moving a old sketch of Jessica’s into mathematical art.

I was looking thru Jessica’s sketches when suddenly I noticed a nice and general shape of a bird, for whatever reason it tugged on my drawing instincts and screamed “Turn me into vector art”. So I decided to go ahead and trace it up as a vector image.

The result

Scanned pencil drawing

Vector version

Vector tracing Hisoka

Vector tracing my line art

Converting a pencil and paper sketch into vector art

One type of media I have almost no experience working in is, Vector Art. With Vector Art you are able to trace over your scanned in pencil and paper art to transform it into a image that is not in pixels but in mathematical form. Being in this mathematical form your image is then in essence re built every time you zoom in, so no matter the zoom your image will never appear to be made of individual pixels. So to start my journey into this form of media I decided to trace the sketch of Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter I posted previously.

The result

Drawn with pencil, scanned and hand traced in Inkscape

Old pixel works

Drawing pixel art

A retro art still present in modern times

A lot of people can still remember pushing the cartridge into there Super Nintendo and seeing the TV screen flash to life, Some of us even got into using tools like RPG Maker to make games similar to what we loved playing on the console. Part of journey of making a RPG Maker game is learning the ins and outs of Pixel Art, Although it’s been some time since I was last obsessing over pixels I felt I should share some of my old work in the domain of Pixel Art.

Old works gallery