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Drawing insects

Drawing a praying mantis perched on a rock

I have done a lot of quick sketches of mammals, fish even birds but not as many insects. So today I decided I should give a stab at drawing a preying mantis. I just googled praying mantis and attempted to freehand sketch the following reference image.

The result
Pencil and paper sketch scanned in and touched up in GIMP
The reference image.

Vector elephants

Converting another sketch

Elephants are super interesting animals, Even being the largest land mammal they can still peel the shell off a peanut with their trunk. It’s no wonder they are one of the most famous animals around. I felt inspired to sketch up a image of a elephant and converted it into a vector graphic.

The result
Pencil paper sketch
Vector version

Drawing adventure

Drawing adventure time characters

A cartoon I really enjoyed was adventure time. The weird and wacky setting of earth partially destroyed filled with outrageously over exaggerated characters sparked my imagination and the more serious exploration of fin the human boys mental states left a lasting impact. So I decided to pay homage to the show by drawing some of my favorite characters.

The result
Pencil and paper sketch scanned in and touched up in GIMP

Drawing inky butterflies

Trying out a dip pen for inking in a quick sketch.

I have been curious about using dip pens, I decided to give drawing a sketch or two and inking it in with dip pen a shot. After a couple failed attempts This butterfly inked in without any bleeding or accidental drips.

The Result
Pencil and paper sketch, inked with dip pen.

Drawing a birdie

Jungle birds are mighty cool

I think at some point everyone thinks about what it would be like to sore thru the sky on feathered wings, feel the wind blow thru your hair as you reach a beautiful view high in the sky, and see the landscape unfurl from the tiny perspective your accustom to. This inspired me to give drawing a bird a shot.

The result
Pencil and paper sketch.

Drawing sea life

One of my favorite parts of nature

Since I was young sea life has been inspiring, from the giants of the deep to the coral waving in the currents, I love the interesting lives our friends in the ocean lead. So as a homage to nature’s watery beauty I figured I would draw some sea life.

The result
Pencil and paper sketch, Lines darkened in GIMP.

Drawing Chihiro and Haku

Drawing anime

Drawing a scene from Spirited Away

One of the most inspiring animated films for me was Spirited Away, I can still remember the first time seeing the wind blowing thru the grass, The lovely expressions of the characters and the fantastical spirit world. I felt inspired to draw the scene where Chihiro and Haku share rice balls while she attempts to cope with being all alone in the scary spirit world bathhouse.

the result
Pencil and paper sketch, Inked with felt tip marker.