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Scenes scenes scenes…

Perspective with vanishing points on page.

I have been doing a bit too much drawing from reference image, So to get some variation in my drawing I decided to draw some scenes from imagination and only use reference image to get some ideas as how to fill in the fine details.

Inspired by a tree in Manito Park, imaginary scene.

Wanted to just make a endless hallway drawing, imaginary scene.

Mixing some random elements, imaginary scene.

Little more planned out composition, Imaginary scene.

Random gravity

Drawing the main characters from gravity falls

I really enjoyed gravity falls so I went back and started re watching it again, At some point I felt inspired to pause it and draw Dipper and Mabel. After I drew them I just started adding some doodles.

Pencil and paper sketch touched up in GIMP

Heart of the ogre

Exercise in drawing from my imagination

When the great demon lord finally fell his heart was ripped from his chest by the hero. Evil poured from it like a spring of death and it took on a life of it’s own. Before the hero could regain his composure it fled the battle field. They say it’s hiding deep in the earth in a ancient place of evil untouched by light since the birth of the world biding it’s time until it regains power enough to revive the demon lord to it’s former power.

Pencil and paper sketch

Drawing abstract

A experiment with stencils & Spirograph

I have not done much in the form of abstract modern art, so I decided to give making a more modern art type of image. This is meant to express my mood at the time of drawing.

The result

Pencil sketch, using stencils and a Spirograph.